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Stringwood began in 1987 as a five piece band in Richmond, Virginia, the brainchild of singer-songwriter Ed Torres. Ed had been playing music since childhood and spent a lot of time on the road, at one point touring as the opening act for the Allman Brothers. By the time he came to the Grand Strand in 1990 the original band had morphed into an acoustic duo.

Stringwood was an immediate hit, playing a wide variety of venues all up and down the Strand and quickly acquiring a following. So when his original partner Mac decided to give up the night life and quit playing music Ed knew he had to keep the name going. Several partners came and went, but the quality of the music never wavered. In March of 2003 Ed was once again looking for a sideman and a mutual friend suggested a guy named Bobby Shropshire. From the first song they played together it was obvious that their playing styles blended unusually well together. Bobby, who had been on the Grand Strand since 1983, had a long run in the local theaters, putting in 15 seasons at the Carolina Opry, the Alabama Theater and similar shows around the country. Occasionally our very good friend and extraordinary musician, Dean Black sits in and blends his unique slide guitar and synthesizer music to the Stringwood Duo giving it a fuller sound.

Since 2003 the current Stringwood Duo has been entertaining crowds in every conceivable venue, playing songs ranging from timeless standards to the latest hits. When you hear a mix of Classic rock, TropRock, country, blues, reggae, shagging music, line dancing, even a little jazz; no other band comes close to the wide ranging variety of Stringwood. No matter what your musical needs: clubs, restaurants, parties, fund raisers and festivals of all kinds; a Stringwood performance is always a good time.