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           Stringwood began in 1987 as a five piece band in Richmond, Virginia, the brainchild of singer-songwriter Ed Torres. Ed had been playing music since childhood and spent a lot of time on the road, at one point touring as the opening act for the Allman Brothers. He was barely out of his teens when he got tired of the road and opened what was to become one of Virginia’s most successful restaurant chains, but music was never really far from his mind. As soon he had made a little money and put it into some good investments he said goodbye to the corporate rat race to go back to his first love…playing music.  “I figured that if things didn’t work out I still had my investment to fall back on,” he says. “Over the years the investment proved to be a bit of a roller coaster ride. But music never let me down.”

           By the time he came to the Grand Strand in 1990 the original band had morphed into an acoustic duo. At about that time, Ed’s fascination with (and training on) computers put him on the cutting edge of a brand new method of performing music. As one of the first to see the potential of computerized backing tracks in live performance he has consistently maintained the highest standards, producing his own tracks and writing his own arrangements. “Nowadays it’s common practice, “he says.  “Even the big stage shows with dozens of musicians use backing tracks, but back in those days nobody had ever heard of such a thing.” There may be more people doing it now, but nobody does it better.

           Stringwood was an immediate hit, playing a wide variety of venues all up and down the Strand and quickly acquiring a following.  So when his original partner decided to give up the night life and quit playing music Ed knew he had to keep the name going. Several partners came and went, but the quality of the music never wavered. In March of 2003 Ed was once again looking for a sideman and a mutual friend suggested a guy named Bobby Shropshire.  From the first song they played together it was obvious that their playing styles blended unusually well together. “That first gig people kept saying ‘You guys are great! How long you been together?’ and we’d say ‘I don’t know, what time is it now?’” Bobby, who had been on the Grand Strand since 1983, had a long run in the local theaters, putting in 15 seasons at the Carolina Opry, the Alabama Theater and similar shows around the country.

           Since that time they have been entertaining crowds in every conceivable venue, playing songs ranging from timeless standards to the latest hits. When you hear a mix of Classic rock, TropRock, country, blues, reggae, shagging music, line dancing, even a little jazz, no other band comes close to the wide ranging variety of Stringwood.  No matter what your musical needs: clubs, restaurants, parties, fund raisers and festivals of all kinds; a Stringwood performance is always a good time.

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All music written and produced by Ed Torres & Pair A Dice Productions except where noted * **

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Looking For Shelter

Only On Monday Two For The Road Paint A Costume On That Man Friends And Family Looking For Shelter Hidden By A Smile Another Sun Sets In Paradise Cigars And Rum Daytona Is A Blast Dark is Dark Follow The Road Come On In

Text Box: The Long Way Around
Dancing In The Park • Call Me • Plugged Into Machines • New Orleans • Who and When • Have No Pity • I’m Just A Man • Losing The Fire Within • The Long Way Around • Unknown Danger • Just You And Me • Don’t Forget • Parrot Heads Rock

Political Parodies

God Help The USA * Bumpy Roads * Another Brick In His Wall * I Can’t Afford My Gasoline Blues A Test Of Time Don’t Hate The Player I Started To Puke* Stealing Away* Hidden By A Smile When You Sleep With The Bear Political Crisis Secrets Wildcat Blues

Looking For ShelterText Box: Political Parodies
the Long Way AroundSong List

Shuffle On Home

Breezin’ In- I Won’t Fire, I Won’t Grow- Montgomery Angel- In The Grey- Two Kinds Of Woman- Little Red Brick House- Shuffle On Home- Some Days Don’t Feel The Same- Pretty But Poor- Looking For Your Shadow- Midnight Down In Georgia- Jumping Into Blue- But My Will Is Not The Same- I Fall In Love

Lost In Paradise

Island Prayer (instrumental)- Where Do The Pirates Go- Parrot Head Fix- When You’re Alone- Where Southern Winds Blow- Lost In Paradise- Disarray- Beach Sand Boogie- I Gave You Roses- Ole Johnny- Am I The Only One- Late Bar Blues- Paleface Day- How Long- Ran The Road- Endless Dream- Island Lullaby (instrumental)- Will It Ever End

Light Of Day

He’s On His Way- Beaches and Sand- Light Of Day- I Don’t Know - Every Day, Down n Out- Drop The Whole Charade- Lost Cocktail- I Want You Near Me- It’s Just Pleasing- No More Talking- Thunder and Lightning- Too Blue- Mister- Tired Of The Pain

Smooth Sands

Lonely Heart- Island Lullaby- Beach Walk Boogie- Tribal fires Burn Bright- Bird Walking- When I Called You- Blue Monday In The Tropics- Tail Wind To The Islands- A Good Call- Island Prayer- When I First Saw You (All Instrumentals)

Beyond Reason

I Need A Cure For My Cure– My Head’s Still In Key West– What’s The Matter– In My Life– Away From Me– He’s Better Then– Am I Still Looking For You?– That’s What They Say– Beyond Reason-  I Finally Got Your Letter– Holding On To Reason-Very Few Sunsets

Sandy Beaches & Tiki Bars

He’s On His Way- Beaches and Sand- I Want You Near Me- Light Of Day- Where Do The Pirate Go- Parrot Head Fix- Beach Sand Boogie- Every Day, Down n Out- Where Southern Winds Blow- Paleface Day- I Fall In Love- Lost Cocktail- Some Days- Ran The Road- It’s Just Pleasing- Looking For Your Shadow- In The Grey- Let ‘em Run

Running In The Rain

Season Of Bewitched- A Change Of Heart- I’m On My Way To You- Dropped Shadows- Let ‘em Run- Come Back To The Door- PH Imbalanced I Am- Running In The Rain- Lost Ships In The Night- Sunrise In The Keys- That Little Slice Of Heaven- You Wanted To Go- Pop Tart- Memories Fade

Uno Mas, Pour Some More

Leave The Worm In The Bottle- Dockside Dan’s*- Rear View Mirror– This Old Tree- Can You Tell Me Who Bought This Round- Through The Night- Sunset Slim**- Do You Have To Be Redneck**- Uno Mas, Pour Some More- Last Shot Of The Night– I’m Here For A Good Time- My Cantina’s Closing Down Now     *co-written with Laidback Larry    **co-written with TJ Walsh